Fantasy Football

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Is Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a game that casts you in the role of a fantasy manager, given the task to pick a squad of real-life players who score points for your team based on their real-life performances in their matches.
To play fantasy football you’ll need to pick a team of 11 or sometimes a squad of 15 real-life players or more,that will represent you each week of the season. Over each of those weeks they will score you points which will add and subtract to a total that will be compared to other peoples teams in your mini league and/or in the fantasy game world overall with prizes at stake.

The Checklist to Play Fantasy Football

• Find out the scoring method used by your fantasy game
• Find out how many transfers you have.
• Find out when you can make these transfers and if there are any transfer windows enforced.
• Find out the budget for selecting your team or squad.
• Split this budget for each area of your team – Goalkeeper/Defence, Midfield and Forwards.
• Using the games player list and the guides and selection stats on this site, make a shortlist of players with their values.
• Narrow this down by checking out the season ticker on this site to identify when teams have a favourable run of fixtures, starting with the opening 5 games.
• Double check the injuries and bans table to ensure that none of shortlisted players risk being out of action.
• You can check the injuries table HERE and the ban table HERE
• Begin trying out configurations for your team using your shortlist and budget available.
• If you’ve taken risks with one or two players, have a Plan B which can be carried out with the minimum of transfers.

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Anonymous said...

weh...xbest pon fantasy football ni.cari la game lain.takde keje ke main game nih.<----jang kata

Anonymous said...

ala jeles ar tu...msti yg tulis ni duk ranking last ni..huhu